Our Story

We are a lifestyle brand with social sense. Fair trade of exclusive handmade jewelry designs. 

AMARATI DESIGN is born from the complicity of three sisters – Valerie, Claudia, and Stephanie Amortegui Sepulveda. Since 2013 we believe that the only way to generate a sustainable change is by empowering and giving employment opportunities to the local community. From design to production, we provide fair wages and exceptional working conditions for our allies.
Our jewels are handcrafted by Colombian artisans, who have inherited this labour from past generations. Setting the highest quality precious stones (Diamonds, Colombian Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies), we are committed to creating feminine, timeless and, elegant pieces that could be worn every day! Upholding traditional craft techniques, such as Filigree, takes advantage of the wealth of precious stones like Emeralds, in order to preserve Colombian traditions, achieving this way a mixture between the rustic and the contemporary.